Medical Weight Loss in Charlotte, NC

Medical Weight Loss

Urban MedSpa’s medical weight loss solutions are designed for long-term results, targeting difficult areas with triumphant techniques. Our wide array of programs, services, and products promise significant weight loss by prioritizing digestive health and overall physical wellness. After reviewing your medical history and discussing your weight loss objectives, our team of medical practitioners will prescribe a treatment tailored specifically to you!

Our appetite suppressant programs are designed to combat obesity and speed up slower metabolisms. The success of our weight loss treatments is primarily the result of medical injections, such as Lipo B12 and Lipo-Mino. We offer IV infusion treatments that focus on converting nutrients into energy and burning fat for a quick metabolism boost. We also provide behavioural and wellness coaching, dietician-guided meal plans, and structured, easy-to-follow exercise regimens.

Injections and Supplements

Following a medical exam and review of your history, our practitioners will determine your most successful course of action. A medical assistant will privately weigh you, take your measurements, and administer your prescribed treatments. Following your initial series of injections, you will meet with your practitioner annually to track your progress and celebrate your weight loss milestones!

Appetite Suppressant Package

Priced at $549 for a duration of 3 months, this bundle includes:


Our prescription weight loss options include Phentermine, Bontril, Phentermine +Topamax, Wellbutrin and Belviq. Typically, the only reasons a candidate may not qualify for a prescription would be due to having a low BMI, high blood pressure, or a history of cardiac concerns.

IV Infusion Therapy

Each forty-five-minute session aims to boost your metabolism, curb your appetite, and better your digestive health. The infusion incorporates

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