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Cancellation Policy

Providing Beautiful Skin to Charlotte and Nearby Areas of North Carolina

* 24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center requires that a 24 hour notice be given to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

* For all services that are 30 min or longer or any appointment for cosmetic injectables, we require that a valid credit card number be given in order to make the appointment. If you fail to give 24 hours notice to cancel the appointment, the credit card will be charged a fee of $50.

Mon – Thurs 1st time: Complimentary | 2nd time and more: $50

Fri – Sat: No Complimentary $50

Appointments with our Cosmetic Injector: No Complimentary $100

At the time of your first no show or same day cacelation, we require that a valid credit card number be given in order to make any other appointments. We will not charge your $50 fee unless you fail to give us 24 hours notice again.

All Friday and Saturday appointments that are 25 minutes or longer require a valid credit card to be held, and if 24 hours notice isn’t given to reschedule or cancel there is a $50 fee.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • In order to offer you the best value on services, we do not provide child care services.
  • Your child must stay with you at all times, that means during your treatment session as well.*
  • If a child won’t stop crying, we ask that for the comfort of our guests, you take them outside of the med spa until they are calm.
  • For their safety as well as the comfort of our guests, we ask that your children remain seated while in the waiting area and in the treatment rooms.
  • Encourage your child to use a ‘quiet voice’, and to entertain themselves with the coloring books and children’s books we provide for their use during your visit.
  • Children are not allowed in laser treatment sessions. If you have a laser treatment appointment, we ask that you make arrangements for child care and not bring your children to this appointment.

While the industry standard is 15-20% for all skin care treatments and services (medical weight loss consults and follow-up visits excluded), if you choose to tip, you may leave any amount that feels comfortable to you.