Lip Filler 101: Shapes To Choose From & if it’s Right For You!

Lip filler shapes have become all the craze in the past five years. Many of us were not blessed with plump lips at birth and for those who desire a fuller look now can with the addition of some filler. Lip fillers are a pure form of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance found within the body. HA attracts more water to itself than its own weight, resulting in a plumper appearance wherever it is injected. Initially, lip fillers were popular amongst older people seeking a natural, younger appearance to their lips, because as you age, your natural HA begins to slow down, meaning less ability to bind with water– which is why older people tend to have thinner lips.

Lip fillers are a safe and effective solution for those who want to plump their lips or even re-shape their natural lip contours. There are plenty of HA injection options available, at Urban Medspa, we offer the following injectable brands that include, Juvéderm, which adds volume without too much of a pronounced lift and Restylane which adds a firmer, pronounced lift.

While many choose fillers to simply plump their lips and maintain their existing lip shape, many seek to alter the contours in some way. Below are the most common shapes you should be aware of that you can request from our expert injectors:


Think, Liv Tyler. A full expression of the upper lip. Many patients choose this form because it provides more volume in the upper lip combined with narrow lip length. It elongates the top lip to form an appearance of angel wings.


Think, Monica Belluci. More expression in the top lip and little to no augmentation on the bottom lip, but if there is augmentation, there’s a little ‘bucket’ in the bottom lip.


Think, Angelina Jolie. This is popular amongst patients because it is an equal balance of volume for the top and bottom lip.


Think Rihanna (plump), or Taylor Swift (less plump). It’s the rarest of all lip forms and has a youthful appearance, with the top lip elongated to accentuate this look.


Think, Anne Hathaway. This is an accentuation of the bottom lip, almost an exact opposite of the cupid look, and oftentimes an injector will use both the cupid shape paired with pearlique for those who have a natural, strong cupid’s bow shape.


This is the most ‘natural’ form where a distinctive formation of all the 5 natural planes that exist in the lips. This is often requested for those whose lips are thinning and want a natural augmentation with no definite change to the lip shape.

At Urban Medspa Charlotte, we offer filler and Botox specials monthly–please ask our front desk staff or your injector to learn more about our monthly deals. At Urban Medspa Charlotte, we treat all skin types safely and have been doing so for over 8 years! We are a national leader in darker skin tones and offer the best prices in Charlotte. If you’re ready to start filler please contact us today, we offer consultations to ensure all of our services are right for your unique needs!

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