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Cynosure Sculpsure Treatment in Charlotte NC

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Modern science suggests that you can’t spot-reduce your bodyfat problem areas through diet and exercise alone. Everybody is different and will experience their own unique ‘stubborn fat’ areas that require a more sophisticated intervention and this is where modern medical treatments come in.

With Cynosure Sculpsure treatment, you can target any area of body fat without invasive surgery or the associated downtime.

Sculpsure uses laser technology that can specifically target fat cells, reducing their size without affecting any surrounding structures like skin or muscle.

Reduce fat in any area, not limited to:

Under the chin 

Upper and Lower Abdominals




Sculpsure’s laser is gentle enough to keep you feeling comfortable, but strong enough to successfully treat all skin and body types.

Our staff at Urban Medspa prioritize your comfort and wellbeing at every step of your experience with our non-invasive body sculpting treatment.

We believe that you should feel confident and proud of your self-care, and as part of that, technology is on your side. With our Sculpsure treatment, the wait is over.

Cynosure Sculpsure





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We have exciting new specials each month, be sure to check them out here!
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We have exciting new specials each month, be sure to check them out here!

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