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Lipo Injections

With a combination of Vitamin B-12 and MIC amino acids, our Lipo B Complex injections kick your liver into high gear to better metabolize fat and stimulate weight loss. We enhance our Lipo shots with boosters, specifically Vitamin B1 and B6. Our boosters ensure that you receive an influx of mega nutrients while your digestive system accelerates its breakdown of sugar, carbs, and proteins.

The Lipo Mino injections Mix includes carnitine in its amino acid compound, adding another valuable antioxidant to the powerful fat-burning combination. These ingredients suppress your appetite without sacrificing your energy; as your metabolic process speeds up, your energy levels replenish with our Lipotropics blend of B vitamins.


In addition to accelerating your metabolism, the Vitamin Boosters help build muscle and increase serotonin production!


As a highly safe fat-burning treatment, the side effects of Lipo B Complex injections are typically very mild. They range from mild exhaustion to soreness around the injection site.

Initial Injection Consultation



Lipo B12, B1, and B6 Injection and Weigh-In



Lipo Mino Mix Injection and Weigh-In



Bio-Citrin Supplement 30-day supply



Lipo B12 Supplement 30-day supply





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We have exciting new specials each month, be sure to check them out here!
Find More Specials
We have exciting new specials each month, be sure to check them out here!

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