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Laser Treatments

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Laser treatments are ideal for those looking to improve the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and skin tone loss. They’re also a great option for anyone interested in treating more visible dermatological conditions like rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Urban MedSpa offers a variety of laser treatments to best address your most pressing skin concerns, and create a unique experience to invest in your skin’s overall wellbeing. For example, after a laser facial, you can expect your skin to feel brighter and smoother for much longer. This is because laser treatments produce more permanent results than regular facials by triggering your skin’s natural self-healing processes. Take a look at some of our favorite options for your next visit:


Get ready to see results right away, but don’t be alarmed if you keep seeing them for years to come. Depending on the treatment and your skin type, many can expect to enjoy the benefits of laser facials for up to five years!


Laser facials have no major safety concerns, as they’re non-invasive and temperature sensitive. If you have very sensitive skin, however, we recommend discussing your options in our mandatory consultations before any of your potential treatments.

Clear + Brilliant Fraxel Laser and Perméa Fraxel Laser

Allow us to introduce you to the two lasers that power countless of our incredible treatments. Both part of the Fraxel family, these are dual lasers: one device produces two unique wavelengths. The first is aimed at reducing sun damage and improving pigmentation, the other works deeper to target texture, acne scarring, and wrinkles.  If you want to focus on those fine lines, we recommend the Clear + Brilliant treatment, while Perméa is perfect for hyperpigmentation, melasma, and sun damage. These non-invasive treatments bring a revolutionary new take to non-invasive skin resurfacing by creating a glow that not only lasts but improves, over time! 

For the best results, we recommend spreading anywhere from 5 to 8 treatments over the course of four to six weeks. If you’ve got a big event coming up, schedule a session ten days before you plan to debut your new, glowing complexion.

One Session



3 Sessions



6 Sessions



Add 20% Sterile Vitamin C



Add IPL Photofacial



Add ThermiSmooth



Add Neck



360 Laser Anti-Aging Reverse and Renew Treatment:

This treatment is ideal for improving sun damage, shrinking large pores, and smoothing fine lines. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, this treatment is available in the forms of Clear + Brilliant, Perméa Fraxel IPL Photofacial, or Microneedling. If you don’t have time to squeeze an intensive treatment regimen in your calendar, you’ll be excited to learn that this treatment yields significant results after only one session!

One Treatment



Package of 2



360 Complexion Perfection Treatment Package

Tighten, smooth, and improve! We recommend this treatment to anyone looking to improve an uneven complexion in just one session. Blending the powers of the Clear + Brilliant Laser and PRP Microneedling, you’ll feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready for compliments!

One Treatment



Package of 3





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