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Cosmelan Peels in Charlotte, NC

with Urban MedSpa

Cosmelan peels are designed to eliminate and reduce the appearance of dark spots and melasma on your skin while simultaneously unifying your skin tone and boosting your natural luminosity. By specifically targeting the enzymes that produce melanin, a cosmelan peel is incredibly effective for balancing your complexion and fading discoloration, scars, and freckles. As the world’s leading depigmentation method, cosmelan peels are our best, strongest, and fastest-working treatment for remedying discoloration and hyperpigmentation.


In addition to balancing your skin tone and clearing your complexion of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, cosmelan peels are great preventative measures to prevent melasma from reoccurring.


Essentially painless, some may feel warm during the initial application process and notice that their skin feels tight in the days following the treatment. Mild itching or irritation is also common, but not expected.


Kybella is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, those experiencing difficulty swallowing, or those diagnosed with blood disorders. As Kybella targets excess fat, those with excess skin laxity may not be ideal candidates for the treatment.

Give your cosmelan peel a kick by adding dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, or a round of LED Light Therapy to your session!

Cosmelan Peel



The creators of the cosmelan peel have developed this amazing treatment designed to target hyperpigmentation found in the more intimate areas of our bodies. This peel is perfect for the genital, perianal, groin, and inner thigh areas.



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