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Strip Away a Year of Skin Damage with Micro-Needling

Treat your skin to the ultimate fresh start with micro-needling to undo sun damage, combat dehydration, and fade away scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Microneedling stimulates the skin’s natural regenerating and healing process by creating hundreds of microscopic punctures that force the skin’s collagen production into overdrive. Your skin naturally replaces the old and damaged skin cells on the surface (which makes your skin look dull and aged) with new, fresh healthy ones, giving you a glowing, youthful, and radiant result. Pair your micro-needling with a facial and the active ingredients have the chance to penetrate deeper into your skin for better, longer-lasting nourishment.

Undoing the harsh effects of sun exposure

So, you spent your first pandemic-free summer on the beach – so did we. The harsh UVA and UVB rays from the summer sun probably did a number on your delicate facial skin, causing uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness. Microneedling is the perfect treatment to help you undo all that sun damage. Since the micro-needling treatment uses the body’s natural healing process, microneedling therapy can treat a variety of skin issues and skin concerns for any skin type. Microneedling can help treat stretch marks, ice-pick acne scars, and enlarged pores.

All-natural, safe, and perfect for all skin tones

Vivace microneedling requires virtually no downtime and is considered a non-invasive skin care treatment for anti-aging, promoting collagen production and evening skin tone. Microneedling does not hurt at all. It simply kick-starts the skin’s natural regeneration and healing process. After just one session, your skin will become younger looking, with a smoother, tighter, and firmer appearance. With regular treatments, your skin will look the best it ever has.

Not all cosmetic dermatological treatments are suitable for melanated skin. But microneedling results in a beautiful glow for all skin tones. It is safe for every skin color and shade, from light to very dark skin, and it offers almost no risk of hyperpigmentation (making it an excellent option for medium to deep skin tones in particular). It’s also an excellent treatment for ultra-sensitive pale skin associated with redheaded complexions and patients who are acne-prone.

Perfect skin for the Winter holiday parties

You will be able to see the benefits of your first microneedling session almost immediately when you step out of our clinic. But the full effect will be seen in 4-6 weeks. Start now to bring your best face forward into 2023.

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At Urban Medspa Charlotte, we can help you achieve the glowing, radiant, and youthful skin of your dreams. Our expert skin specialists treat all skin types safely and have been doing so for over 8 years! We pride ourselves in our expertise with darker, melanated skin tones. We offer the best skin services – at the best prices – in Charlotte. Please ask our front desk staff to learn more about our monthly deals. Call us today to book a consultation with one of our skin specialists.