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Start your new year off right with a medical weight loss program

Ah, January… You again. So many times have we RSVP’d “yes” on the invitation to lose weight but failed to show up. 

We’ve come to learn that motivation is a finite resource. Pair this with being swept up and lost in a seemingly endless sea of confusing and contradictory weight loss advice and it’s easy to tap out before long. The lesson here is that flashy headlines and ‘next-best things’ will not be the harbinger of change- especially if they encourage someone to reinforce the same try-and-fail experience year after year. 

We know this experience is all too common and can act as a permanent detractor after going through enough disappointment. You put in real effort and make real changes. You do the work and yet still come up short. If this sounds familiar, at this point it’s time to offer yourself some compassion and try something different. It’s the perfect time to listen to your body. Each time your body resists weight loss when it’s otherwise healthy to do so, there is more to consider than is available with basic exercise and nutrition advice. 

The first step in a new direction should be to support your body on a cellular level.  There are certain vitamins and other compounds that are crucial for supporting the basis of your metabolism as well as others that can give you an edge to start seeing real changes in your body composition. Since each of these compounds work best in different formats, ranging from supplements to prescription medications and injections, we at Urban Medspa offer a medical weight loss program to provide each person with a treatment plan that is unique to their needs.

What is the medical weight loss program?

Our medical weight loss program integrates your goals, biometric data and medical history information to provide a path forward for the administration of medical-grade treatments.

Who is the medical weight loss program for? 

Any person who has extra weight to lose and especially those who have tried and failed repeatedly to lose weight in the past. We live in a beautifully modern era where you can release yourself from blame or frustration and embrace the need for support in this process.

What can I expect? 

Your first step after consultation will be an intake assessment where we determine your relevant medical history, take circumference measurements and talk through your goals and related pain points. 

 Our trained medical staff will then determine the best path forward for your needs and prescribe various treatments to kick your metabolism into high gear. At this point, you will have a treatment plan that will see you coming back in set intervals to either complete treatments or track your progress. 

Each person comes to us with a unique health picture and body composition and so the expectations can vary widely from person to person. One thing that is consistent with our clients is that when they follow our medical weight loss program as prescribed, they finally see the results they’ve been waiting for that boost their confidence and change their shape.

If our medical weight loss program sounds like it might be right for you, give us a call or book a consultation to talk to our staff about it. We want to share our services with you and provide a positive experience, even if it just starts with connecting to answer a few questions.