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Start banishing armpit hair in January and get #SlickForSummer with us

Make it your new year’s resolution, so by June you won’t have to shave or ouch wax.

Sound too good to be true? We promise it’s not. We just like to do some of that thinking for you since permanent hair removal is an issue people seldom think about until Scantily Clad is back in style again.  

Here are Urban Medspa’s Top 5 Reasons to start your #SlickforSummer laser hair removal series ASAP: 

1. No more pit checks. 

No, not the sweaty pit checks, but the peak you make when you find yourself arms up, tank top on surrounded by family, friends or a new love prospect. 

2. No more razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Did you know our lasers can not only remove hair but also help with pre-existing razor bumps and ingrown hairs? Above this, you’re less likely to see these come up on the treated area in the future since they’re primarily caused by other hair removal methods.

3. Picture perfect pits. 

It’s nice to know you can be at ease when your friends are snapping pics for the gram without the worry of the appearance of hair or bumps making the cut.

4. Planning now to reap the rewards later. 

By the time summer rolls around, it’ll be too late to enjoy the benefits of experiencing at least 3 sessions of hair removal that will greatly reduce the amount of hair that grows in the treated area. Why a “better luck next year” when you can start right now?

5. You have to avoid the sun after treatments. 

Who wants to avoid the sun in the summer? It’s perfectly okay to get the treatment done in the summer if you do avoid the sun anyways but since we recommend being out of the sun after treatments, winter is the perfect time to get this procedure done.

If you’ve been thinking of trying laser hair removal, winter is the ultimate season to begin. At Urban Medspa, our top-of-the-line 1064nm YAG laser is the safest and most effective laser for removing unwanted hair on every skin tone. 

Give us a call or book a consultation with our friendly staff members. We want to share our services with you and are happy to get the ball rolling by answering any questions you might have about cost or experiencing the service.