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Spot Reduction: Made Possible with Sculpsure

There has never been a better time to lose those last 5 pounds…

Historically, people have had limitations when it comes to cutting fat for multiple reasons.. 

    • Liposuction is an invasive procedure  with a lot of pain and downtime
    • Natural spot reduction is realistically not possible in most cases
    • Genetics: a luck of the draw

Accessible, natural-looking spot reduction was not possible until now. It’s a great time in history to lose weight, exactly where you want to.

Spot reduction? Yes You Can.

Modern research suggests that spot reducing stubborn fat areas on the body is largely not possible with diet and exercise alone. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “if there was a magic pill for that, everyone would already be taking it.” Except… It’s not a pill. It’s modern technology that provides the miraculous service of a truly customized weight loss experience. Over the years, many advancements have come out that don’t require the surgical intrusion or downtime included with liposuction.

 At Urban Medspa, we have one favourite that rises above the rest for the purpose of spot-reduction, called Sculpsure.

What Is Sculpsure?

Sculpsure, by Cynosure, is a laser treatment that targets treated fat cells with light energy. This treatment permanently destroys fat cells without disturbing your skin.

How Does it work?

Our technician will place each of the 4 Sculpsure units on the desired treatment areas:

    • A single Sculpsure treatment can treat up to four sections at the same time. Each section is about the size of a deck of cards or an iPhone. 
    • The treatment takes 25 minutes.
    • You can receive back-to-back treatments.

During the treatment, Sculpsure’s laser energy will directly target your fat cells, with intermittent cooling to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. Here’s how the treatment works over time: 

Phase 1: Treatment.

In your treatment, your fat cells are targeted and a quantity of them are destroyed by heat during the 25 minute period.

Phase 2: Elimination.

After your Sculpsure treatment, your body will eliminate the contents of those destroyed fat cells over the course of 3 months, utilizing your lymphatic system. Drinking water, exercising and maintaining healthy habits will help this process along.

Phase 3: Results. 

After the elimination phase, you will visibly and measurably see the reduction in fat cells & size in the treated area. These results can be seen in 6 weeks, with peak results showing at week 12. The fat cells that were destroyed will not regenerate in the future.

Benefits of the Sculpsure Treatment:

The Sculpsure treatment does not cause pain in the majority of cases and requires zero downtime. It’s 50% faster than cool sculpting (25 versus  50 minutes per treatment), with much less discomfort by design.

If you gain weight in the future, this area will be less affected, and losing weight in your treated areas in the future is permanently much easier and noticeable.

The fat cells are eliminated permanently. Whatever got got during your treatment will not return in the future. Because of this, Sculpsure has a 90% satisfaction rate.

You can treat the area underneath your chin, belly, love handles, back as well as your inner and outer thighs, and you can achieve your ideal results with multiple treatments, following your clinician-recommended treatment plan. 

Why stress over your problem area or continue waiting before you can finally see the results you’ve always wanted? Book a consultation to see how Sculpsure can give you the beautiful, natural-looking figure you’ve always wanted.