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My Struggle with Acne and How I Overcame It

When I was 8 years old Mother Nature decided my storm was ready for landfall. I was young and naïve but the cycle is just the beginning of this story. Besides being hormonal my skin started to change as well. At one time I had beautiful, soft skin but that changed drastically by the time I was nine years old. I got my first zit and it was massive –  right in the middle of my chin. My mom said it was because my hormones were out of whack…. SO UNFAIR! Over the next year and endless products bought from drugstores my skin continued to get worse! It was overly dry from using to many acne products to the point where around my nose and chin would cracked and the acne only got worse. My mom being that  lucky person to never experience acne her whole life, just didn’t know how to treat my sensitive black skin. I quickly discovered that most products on the shelves were not addressing my particular skin issues. I dealt with my acne getting worse all the way to my senior year of high school.  I was shy and embarrassed. I wore big T-shirts and no make up so I wouldn’t bring attention to myself because I was so insecure of people looking at my face. Senior year came and by now I had wasted thousands of dollars trying to treat my acne, congestion and dehydration. I decided I had to learn how and why I was cursed with acne since nine. I brought my parents the proposal to skip college and go to the aesthetics school and I’m so happy I did. They agreed and I got signed up. 

My first day of class was rough everyone seemed to have flawless skin besides me. By the end of my first week of school I started to feel excepted by my classmates and this really helped me with my insecurities. I got so lucky one of my classmates was a beautiful African-American lady that had successfully cleared up her acne and acne scarring.  I listened to all her advice and started with some simple steps: first, hydrate my skin! Who would’ve thought acne needs hydration too! The words she told me that I’ll never forget: “hydrated skin always heals better”. She also told me I might have thrown off my PH balance by using too much benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid and not enough Antioxidants.  Her words  intrigued me. I started to do my own research and found a product line made for diverse skin tones with all skin concerns. I called the Med Spa right away to set up a consult. At my first visit with Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center I learned more in my 45 minute consult about my skin then I have in the last 10 years of my life. I was amazed with all the knowledge they provided to me. It turned out my classmate was on the right track. I dried my skin so much it was nearly impossible to get my acne gone. What was happening is oil was accumulating underneath dead layers of skin and the products I was using we’re all loaded with the wrong ingredients. The consultant got me on my first Urban Skin Rx product regimen and recommended I do a series of chemical peels. Chemical Peels would be able to dry up the acne while also taking off years worth of dead skin build up in just a week’s time. I was desperate and booked my first PCA custom peel. The day I arrived I was nervous but the aesthetician insured me it would look great when the peeling was done. My skin peeled like crazy! Thick layers of skin started to peel around my mouth about 30 hours after it was applied. I felt drier than ever but had high hopes the peel would do what she said. The peeling process lasted about seven days and but it was done I saw a 20% improvement which was more than I have ever experienced before. I called and thanked the aesthetician for all her good work and information. She suggested I come back in in three weeks, so I did. I received 6 peels spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. I felt like a new woman! I started to love my skin for the first time. I continued using the Urban Skin Rx products daily and after one year I hardly recognize myself. Compliments were endless from my friends and family. Everyone wanted to know my secret!  Now I am in my maintenance phase of my skin care routine. My favorite product I use is the HydraFirm Serum powered with Hyaluronic acid. It is like a big drink of water for my skin. Don’t get me wrong I still get the monthly zit but it’s controllable! So I still hold my head high with confidence even when I have a zit because I know it will be gone after Mother Nature asides. 

I wish I would have learned about Urban Medspa & Weight Loss Center in high school, but I’m glad I found them when I did.  It’s helped change my life.