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Everything to Know About Facials

Receiving facials regularly is essential to having healthy skin.  Following a daily skin care regimen is essential, but pairing your regimen with facials by your aesthetician could help yield the ultimate results. 

Regular facials with a professional will mean that you will receive a much more targeted skin cleansing routine, where professional products will be used and a skin analysis will be carried out. What’s more, regular facials reduce signs of premature ageing, therefore, beating any signs of wrinkles before they occur via special movements and techniques. Facial massage is great for improving blood circulation and nourishing the skin. Also, manual extraction of blackheads and clogged pores to creates smoother and less-bumpy skin.

For those with acne, clogged pores and brown spots, this type of skin requires consistent care to stay on top of the condition and to get the skin looking clear. So for these skin issues, facials are truly a necessity.  They are so much more than just something to get to “treat yourself” (though that’s nice too).   Going Back to the original question, how often should you schedule a facial? Immediately after a facial your skin will radiate a healthy glow.  48-72 hours your skin is going to be hydrated from the circulation.  28-48 days after is when your cells regenerate, and the long-term benefits of the facial kick-in. 4-6 weeks later, it’s time to schedule your next facial to remove dead skin cells and rid the skin of impurities.  Depending on what type of facial your aesthetician recommends they run anywhere from $55 to about $100 dollars. That’s without any additional services, like micro needling or derma planing.   So wether you have struggled with acne your whole life, or you’re just wanting to retain a youthful glow for as long as possible, investing in regular facials is essential for skincare!